John Stephens & Co Ltd are the New Zealand Agents for John Myland Limited London.

Instructions for Use

For Antiques and Fine Furniture

Apply wax with a lint free cloth and allow it to dry. Buff to a fine wax finish with a clean cloth. Further applications of wax using this method will give increased hardness and shine. We recommend using steel wool to apply the polish on pieces that have a more grooved surface to ensure full coverage. The steel wool is also effective on scratched pieces and stained surfaces.

For unsealed wood

On unsealed wood it is best to apply a sealer coat of Mylands Shellac Sanding Sealer, or one of the range of Mylands stains. When dry, apply wax polish using wire wool, then buff as before. The unsealed wood can be waxed without sealing but this method will give a lower shine.

Mylands wax can be used over virtually all interior wood finishes.
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