John Stephens & Company import furniture and decorative products from England, France, USA and Sweden. The company specialises in period furniture, which proprietor John Stephens personally buys and imports to New Zealand. The stock is restored locally by a talented team who ensure the highest standards of conservation. The team’s specialties include cabinet-making, gilding, decorative painting, upholstery and French polishing.

John Stephens & Company also represent a number of manufacturing firms from England, France and Italy.


We have created JS Editions to differentiate between newly made pieces and those that are antique. JS Editions encompasses the company’s growing collection of products that have been designed in-house, hand-made and finished using traditional techniques. The designs are based on fine examples of period furniture, altered where necessary to suit today’s purposes or a specific interior.

The design and manufacture of each piece is approached with authenticity and the highest craftsmanship; our refectory tables are made using flitches of French oak imported directly from Brittany. Our starburst mirror, based on an 19th century example, is composed of 168 individually carved pieces.

JS Editions includes a selection of exclusively imported, newly made chairs, beds and lights. We import the unfinished frames from French furniture makers who have been in business since the 19th century. The frames are finished by the team in New Zealand, giving the client choices in the styling of the product. The lighting collection includes Georgian-style lanterns and a range of beautifully cast lights from the finest foundry in the UK.

As ‘JS Editions’ products are newly-made, they can be ordered in multiples. JS Editions are listed in the Collections menu.


This website has been designed to allow our customers to view all John Stephens and Company’s stock in an easy and comprehensive manner. With over 200 items of stock, please contact us if you are unable to find what you are looking for.



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