John Stephens & Co Ltd is a small, exclusive company situated on Shore Road in Remuera, Auckland. Proprietor, John Stephens, started the company 20 years ago, and with its unique approach to antiques the company has established for itself a loyal customer base.


The company specializes in English and French antiques, which John personally buys and imports to New Zealand. The stock is restored locally by a talented team of restorers, who all ensure the highest standards of conservation. The team's specialties include cabinet-making, gilding, decorative painting, upholstery and French polishing.


Whilst antiques remain John Stephens Antiques core business, the company continues to diversify its stock with new chairs from France, classic new lighting from Italy and bespoke, locally-made leather armchairs.


More recently, John Stephens Antiques has been involved with The Weatherby George Bookcase Co., a company specializing in custom-designed, locally-made bookcases and wine cellars. Weatherby has its own section on the website showcasing its standard designs and recently completed, bespoke bookcases.

This website has been designed to allow our customers to view all John Stephens Antiques' stock in an easy and comprehensive manner. With over 200 items of stock, please contact us if you are unable to find what you are looking for.

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