Second of two shipments just landed- Unpacking now

We have just received the second of the two containers filled during my recent trip to Europe. With Kat managing the shop I was able to slow down a little on July's buying trip. I even took the weekends off!

For starters, in London, I managed to secure an Anton Seuffert wine table, a very special, signed, New Zealand native table, a rare piece of New Zealand art

Then it was off to Bordeaux (we usually buy in Brittany and Normandy) where my agent Greenie has an 18th century summer house at a place called Port Saint Marie. …(which, when he has finished restoring it, you can rent - sleeps about 15). Greenie and I are no good at sitting by the pool, so we sneaked off on trade calls to several dingy warehouses. We purchased several 19th century Bureau Plat and a wonderful Spanish table and chairs (Bordeaux is only 150 km from the Spanish border). With more than a little trepidation we visited some Roma people - Eastern European Travellers who had settled nearby.

Like the tinkers, Roma are often antique dealers. They had some very interesting stock and I purchased several nice confit pots and a stunning 18th century Louis XIV unrestored commode (this commode was much admired by the trade and our shippers as it was transported through France. Following the Bastille Day celebrations at the local village … Greenie and I headed north in the summer heat through Brittany and Normandy (it was 40 to 43 degrees and great weather for loading lorries with furniture, including heavy 18th century chestnut side tables).

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